12 Colorful Kuehs That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

12 Colorful Kuehs That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Be it for a festive celebration or simply for a sweet afternoon snack, these delightful bite-sized morsels make for the perfect post-meal indulgence.

1. One Bowl Baked Coconut Kueh

Making kueh for the first time? Start with this incredibly easy One Bowl Baked Coconut Kueh and you’re sure to fall in love with kueh-making in no time! Key ingredients of coconut milk, gluntinous rice flour, sugar and eggs come together in a single bowl that makes for a fuss-free busy weeknight dessert. 

2. Kueh Bingka

This much-loved baked tapioca cake is distinct in its flavour and crumb, and tapioca or cassava flour provides the soft, gooey texture that we all love in traditional Peranakan goodies. Coconut milk gives this dessert a touch of creaminess too. A buttery ‘crust’ is what tops off the perfect Kueh Bingka, so don’t take it out of the oven until it’s forms an even caramelised top!

3. Beautiful Fragrant Purple Sweet Potato Kueh Lapis

Love the layers of a classic Kueh Lapis but don’t want to suffer the painstaking baking process? This attractive Beautiful Fragrant Purple Sweet Potato Kueh Lapis is a great no-bake alternative that tastes as good as it looks, while giving you the added benefits of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. Unlike the traditional nine-layer Nyonya Kueh Lapis, this version uses purple sweet potatoes for its natural color and earthy flavour, alternating with traditional pandan-scented, coconut milk layers. The bright and unique purple colors are sure to attract itching fingers waiting to try some!

4. Decadent Creamy Durian Kueh Salat

This yellow-blue high contrast Decadent Creamy Durian Kueh Salat is almost too pretty to eat and will definitely wow your guests at your next high tea session. Whether you are using fresh or defrosted durian pulp, this dessert can be made all year round (especially when you have frozen durian from the last season), and enjoyed by even those who don’t like the pungent smell of durian as this dessert is milder and sweeter than fresh durian flesh. Dried pea flowers give this treat its distinct blue hue and it will definitely be one of the richer Nyonya kuehs you can indulge in!

5. Kueh Dadar

For something that looks so simple, Kueh Dadar is a hot favorite that can be found in any Nyonya kueh shop. We absolutely love sinking our teeth through the crepe-like pandan scented exterior to access a mouthful of crunchy soft grated coconut that’s infused with a generous amount of gula melaka. Get rolling because one is never enough!  

6. Kueh Keria

Kuehs don’t just come in steamed and baked varieties – they can be enjoyed deep-fried too! Kueh Keria is the perfect snack for those who relish a crunch with their kuehs. It looks just like a donut but is slightly healthier due to the use of sweet potato and tapioca flour instead of refined white flour. It’s definitely more hearty than those classic little kuehs, so save some space for these sweet chewy rings!

7. Delectable Cendol Kueh Talam

This Delectable Cendol Kueh Talam offers the best of both worlds. With the flavours and textures of cendol in a kueh, these delicious morsels make gorgeous tea time treats. Cendol, an icy treat made with a combination of coconut milk, gula melaka and the distinctive green rice flour jelly, is a popular street dessert to cool down the hot and humid days (which is almost every day in Southeast Asia). This kueh takes the best of the cendol dessert and turns it into a wonderful treat you can hold in your hand.

8. Kueh Bahulu

Even though Kueh Bahulu is one of the rare kuehs that don’t have glutinous rice flour as part of its ingredient list, it's still a popular and almost essential snack during the Lunar New Year. All you need is the right mold and some easy-to-find ingredients of flour, eggs, sugar and oil to make these light and fluffy bites. 

9. Kueh Semperit

Brightly colored butter cookies that simply melt in your mouth! Kueh Semperit is a delicious treat that only takes about half an hour to make. Each cookie is shaped like a small flower and topped with a pearl sugar drop in the center for an elegant finish. Best served with a cup of tea or coffee. 

10. Toothsome Pandan and Pumpkin Kueh Kosui

Can’t get enough of freshly grated coconut? Simply sprinkle more of them on top of your Toothsome Pandan and Pumpkin Kueh Kosui! This soft and bouncy dimpled kueh is naturally colored and flavored with pandan, pumpkin and topped with salted coconut, making them a moreish treat. The rough and smooth textures makes this a delight in the mouth and will definitely have you reaching for just one more (especially one of a different color –got to try them all!). If you don’t have the appropriate mould, simply use your muffin tray and fill it to the midway point to make bigger kuehs.

11. Delightful Chewy Rose Sago Kuih

A ruby red dessert never fails to catch the eye and this Delightful Chewy Rose Sago Kuih certainly grabs our attention! For something that looks so pretty, it’s surprisingly easy to make. No flour is needed - just caster sugar, sago and a few other common ingredients. Banana and pandan leaves combine with floral rose essence to add an aromatic experience to this soft, chewy delight for your afternoon tea or post-dinner dessert. If you’re a fan of fresh grated coconut, take delight in flipping your kuihs in a tangle of the refreshing fruit, until you get a perfect coat of juicy coconut shreds.

12. Kue Cubit (Indonesian Pinch Cake)

Kue Cubit is a local treat that is commonly found and sold on food carts that line the streets of Indonesia. Traditionally made in a cake mould pan and cooked over a stove top, these mini pancakes require only the simplest baking ingredients to make. Topped with chocolate sprinkles or meises as the locals usually call it, Kue Cubit makes for a dangerously addictive snack.

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