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Sarah Huang Benjamin

“You might know that Singapore is an island of food-obsessed people. And I? Well, growing up here, I’m no exception. I remember sitting in the kitchen beside my Chinese grand-aunt, shaping traditional Hakka yam dumplings one moment, and preparing roast lamb with my British father the next. Or, going on late-night hunts for the best, most pungent durian with my Peranakan mother. One thing’s for sure: I learnt at a young age that food brings people from all sorts of cultures together. Studying abroad, separated from the flavours of home for the first time, I started cooking all the Asian dishes I missed. I even started a blog to document my culinary adventures. And just like Singapore and my family, my cooking is a melting pot of different cultures. To this day, nothing makes me happier than feeding people, whether they’re loved ones or guests at my private dinners. If I can share with you Asia’s diverse flavours and inspire you to cook, my work is done. Join me on AFN –watch my videos, read my articles and save my recipes –to discover just how delicious our region is. Sarah Huang Benjamin is a chef and food writer based in Singapore. Check out her personal blog at www.kitchenhoarder.com. Follow her culinary adventures on all socials at @sarahhuangbenjamin .
AFN Foodies

Ili Sulaiman

“My mum is half-Chinese, half-British. My dad is half-Sri Lankan, half-Malay.I grew up loving food of different cuisines even though I grew up in Malaysia. Having been exposed to cooking since I was 7 years old, nothing gets me going like food. Malaysian food is packed full of scrumptious flavours -the kick of spices, the freshness of herbs, sweet vegetables, tropical fruit and a bounty of fresh seafood and meat. Recently, I’ve gone off gluten and diary, but I continue to stay true to cooking Malaysian food. And people tell me, my food tastes great. Watch me in the kitchen, save my recipes –join me on AFN, as I make Malaysian food that I love, and I’m sure you will love it too.”
AFN Foodies

Matthias Rhoads

“When other kids in the US were eating pizza and burgers, I was eating oxtail slow braised in a peanut butter sauce with bok choy, banana blossom and shrimp paste. Sounds foreign to you? Well, when you have a Filipino mother –you learn to love such food. But it wasn’t always like this. I remember being afraid of the staple Filipino meal –sweet meat in an oily stew and rice. But over time, I learnt that when you eat spit-roasted pig dipped in liver sauce, the best bit is the crunchy skin. And that sweet meat in oily stew and rice is delicious. But I’m not done eating yet. Now based in the Philippines, I’m sniffing out unique flavour explosions that can only be found here. Watch my videos, read my articles - join me on AFN, as I explore the beautiful food of the Philippines.”
AFN Foodies

Frank Striegl

Frank is a Filipino American born in Tokyo and raised on ramen. He appropriately consumes over 300 bowls of ramen a year, has a blog called "5 AM Ramen", and also runs ramen tours. When he's not eating Asian food, he enjoys reading, exercising, and travel. He also is a huge Lord of the Rings fan.
AFN Foodies

Charlotte Mei

"Though I have French and Chinese roots, both known for their rich culinary heritage, I was never interested in food as a kid.Then came my teenage years when mum cancelled my favourite channels, so I turned to cooking programmes instead! These shows became a huge influence in fueling my passion for food, and taught me basic skills in the kitchen.In my role as a nutritionist today, my mission is to get people back into the kitchen and be interested in the food they eat. I believe that we eat to feed our tummies; but more importantly, we eat to feed our soul, so there is absolutely room for happy treats in our diet!Join me on AFN –watch my videos, save my recipes –as I share tips and easy-to-make recipes to eat well and maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. PS, my happy food: Sara Lee pound cake! What’s yours?"
AFN Foodies

Janti Brasali

“It all started in the kitchen-I loved watching my father cook. Since then, I’ve been a chef for most of my life cooking everything from simple nasi goreng to baking black forest. But you know, it’s hard to enjoy good food and stay slim. Some years back, I dug deep into Keto. Now, I’m still at it. Why? Well, the Keto lifestyle is healthy, simple, and sustainable. How? The main thing for me is to read labels. And instead of restricting myself, I replace. But if you’re on Keto, you would know that it’s easier to do this for savoury rather than sweet, since sugar and cabs can be more easily avoided in savoury dishes.I still craved for breads and desserts, but Keto-friendly options were limited, so I made my own. And my friends, some of whom are diabetic, also loved it. No more high-carbs and sugar in my recipes! Look out for my videos, save my recipes –join me on AFN, as I guide you along the Keto-friendly food trail. "
AFN Foodies

Debbie Wong

“To understand the food I love, you have to understand where I’m from-and that answer is long. Growing up in the immigrant cities of Hong Kong and Vancouver, I would eat everything from aloo gobi, bun bo hue, pasta puttanesca, larbgai, onigiri, and clay pot rice all in one week. My Canadian high school had a boba tea delivery service at lunch, and my family had fried rice with our turkey at Thanksgiving. Having spent the last decade in New York, Montreal, Shanghai, and San Francisco, my cooking is globally inspired, and easy-to-make twists on classics. That means less time at the stove, and more time connecting. So save my recipes, and follow me on Asian Food Network as I rediscover my roots in Hong Kong and reveal the people and food of this international city. How about you, where are you from?”
AFN Foodies

Yuda Bustara

"His personal mission is to educate Indonesian to cook simple, healthy and yummy everyday food."
AFN Foodies

Anton Amoncio

The graduate of Taylor’s College School of Hospitality Tourism in Malaysia, Yuda has worked at the Crown Casino Hotel in Melbourne and few others fine dining and bistro in Malaysia, he ended up back to Jakarta to help his father's vegan restaurant and is currently a Culinary Diplomat of Indonesia and host of Urban Cook show as well as a cooking instructor in few Cooking School in Asia. With other renowned chefs, Arimbi Nimpuno and Putri Miranti, the 30-year-old runs Tree Food Concept, a private dining service. His personal mission is to educate Indonesian to cook simple, healthy and yummy everyday food.

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